Whats the deal with Setting Spray? Q+A

February 24, 2017

Setting spray? What on earth is setting spray? I hear you. These days the world of makeup has gotten a little... well.. overwhelming. There are SO MANY products on the market. Just walking into a Sephora is enough to give a girl an anxiety attack. Like ok people can we PLEASE turn down the music about 50 notches as I wonder hopelessly through the isles of a gazillion products trying to find the ONE item I came in here for? (Wait...what did I even come in here for...what was that called again? Screw it, lets go get a hot pretzel!) Thats why here at BoTiki we are your local one stop shop for all your makeup needs. Our goal is to provide a helpful, relaxed, friendly, and FUN environment while shopping for makeup. After much research we have chosen top of the line products that not only are good for your skin, but will work for every age and style. These days it is hard to tell when something is just a trend or a game changer for your daily makeup routine. A MUST have. I know a lot of you are thinking, will that even work for me? Isn't that just for those twenty somethings with the perfectly plump porcelain skin, and winged eyeliner so sharp it could cut a pizza? Not necessarily my friends! My Name is Milli and I am BoTiki's new Aesthetician, Makeup artist, and beauty consultant. (And apparently I'm a beauty blogger now. Seriously how fun is this?!) Here at BoTiki we have something for everyone. I truly believe makeup should be build self confidence, be a form of self expression, and more than anything it should be FUN! It should never magnify your insecurities or make you feel bad about yourself. Never. It doesn't matter your age, or skin type. OK now that we have that out of the way lets get on with todays topic...Setting spray!!! Here we go!        


First of all is it really going to make a difference?


Yes. Go buy some. Right now. 


But WHY should I use a setting spray? What does it do?


OK. There are a few important reasons you ned a setting spray. When you set your makeup with a setting spray it causes everything that you have just applied to your face to fuse seamlessly together. The blush, bronzer, foundation, powder ect, all lock together as one, giving you a beautiful airbrushed look. Yep. Say goodbye to the cake face! No more powdery mess. Anther super important reason you need setting spray in your life is to lock that makeup into place so that it stays all day. Have you ever noticed your foundation sliding around the oilier areas of your face as the day goes on? Or maybe it rubs off after a certain period of time? Setting spray is your answer. Applying it to your eyeshadow will keep it from smudging and creasing too! Um yay!


How do I Apply setting spray?


After you finish doing your makeup shake your bottle and apply a fine mist, first in an X shape and then again in a T shape. Allow spray to sit and air dry or fan dry with hands. However if your are anything like me just make it rain baby!!! The more the better! I seriously can't get enough. No shame...


Why do you prefer Jane Iredale Sprays?


Jane Iredales Hydration Mists are hypoallergenic, and dermatologist tested. Not only do theys have something for every age and skin type, they have a fresh clean scent, are natural and organic, and they are LOADED with skin care benefits! And of course they are cruelty free! Thats a big one for me. 


Which one is best for me?


Good question! Here are a list of the different sprays Jane Iredale has to offer and how they can benefit your specific needs. 




Pommmist Hydration Spray is packed with anti aging ingredients such as Pomegranate, which is a powerful antioxidant and UV protecter. If you are worried about aging, sundamage or the overall health of your skin this right here is the setting spray for you!















D2O  hydration spray is based off of Ylang Ylang which aids in calming, hydrating and protecting the skin from the elements. Recommended if your skin tends to be sensitive or reactive and gets red and blotchy easily. 














Uses Orange essential oil, Orange peel extract, Grapefruit peel extract, and algae to help balance the skins natural oil. I recommended this for normal to oily skin. Especially on those hot summer days!














-Smell The Roses

This Hydration mist is known for its lovely scent, added Hydration, and is great for most skin types. Made with Rose Damascena Flower Oil it also it also nourishes and cleanses the skin. Yes please!















-Lemongrass love Hydration

This is one of my favorites! Lemongrass mist gives you a refreshing burst of energy. It fights oiliness and helps minimize the look of pores. This is fantastic for oily skin! 














Thats all for today! I hope it helps. Ill be back next week with another post. Let me know if there is anything you guys want me to touch on! xox