The Value of Essential Oils

October 10, 2016


Although referred to as “oils,” essential oils are not like the fatty or “fixed” oils  such as olive or coconut oil. Instead, essential oils are volatile, meaning they can quickly evaporate, and are highly aromatic. Found in tiny sacs or globules within various plant parts (including flowers, fruit, leaves, roots and seeds), they are commonly extracted through steam distillation—or in the case of citrus fruits, the rind is cold-pressed (or “expressed”) obtaining an oil that retains the juicy, fresh scent of its fruit of origin.


Essential oils repair tissue, balance hormones, increase circulation, stimulate collagen production and help maintain optimum moisture level of the skin, protecting it from infection.


On a physical level, essential oils could be called probiotic, for they are immune stimulants that support life. These aromatic molecules absorb and penetrate through our nose to the brain, lungs and the skin, passing directly into the bloodstream for immediate and effective results.


On an emotional level, essential oils uplift the spirit, warm the soul, invigorate the senses and stimulate memory, both consciously and subconsciously. Essential oils are a valuable way of cleansing, nourishing, stimulating, and rejuvenating the skin and body, in addition to relieving stress, balancing emotions, addressing pain and creating a sense of harmony and well -being. 


Several products in our Jane Iredale Skin Care Makeup line  offer an assortment of Essential Oils... Here's a sampling:


Hydration Sprays- ylang ylang and rosemary

BeautyPrep Toner- lemongrass, orange, rose and lavender

Hand-Drink Hand Cream- rose


We invite you to stop by BoTiki/SpaTiki for an " Ahhhhh " experience ..... Sip and shop...stay and play !


xo, Kathleen, Aesthetician at SpaTiki
























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