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Write On Cuff Brass - We Belong To Each Other


Inspired by activist and thought leader Glennon Doyle, author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Love Warrior and the new book Untamed, this cuff bears the mantra of the organization Glennon Founded, Together Rising, which is the expression of her belief that the surest way to lift a family or community is to lift one woman at a time — that when a woman rises, she brings her people up with her. This cuff is a wearable reminder that WE BELONG TO EACH OTHER. 20% of the sale price of this cuff will be donated to Together Rising, a non-profit organization that identifies “what is breaking the hearts of our givers as they look around their world and their community, and then we connect our givers’ generosity with the people and organizations who are effectively addressing that critical need.” 100% of donations that Together Rising receives will go directly to an individual, family, or cause in need. Learn more at Brass 2.5" WO8-BR-BELONG.1