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Worlds Away Necklace - Pyrite

A standalone beauty crafted from a bewitching and storied mineral, our Worlds Away necklace is comprised of sparkling, faceted pyrite beads, hand-knotted and strung on cord. Suitable for wearing alone, and equally ready for engagement with your favorite charms and pendants. Pyrite & Brass 4mm | 32" WA3-BR-PYR-32 BEHIND THE DESIGN Sparkles with save us all! Admittedly that’s a little hyperbolic, but it’s also true! Glitter is part of nature, and something we think ought to be celebrated with more regularity, because in a sense, sparkle is a constant. Pyrite, the stones we used to create our Worlds Away necklaces, are naturally light-catching/light bouncing pretty much as soon as they’re removed from the earth. Instead of highlighting a single stone, we opted for a hand-strung symphony of glittering faceted beads -- intended to spread infinite sparkles, and remind whomever wears these necklaces that being a little opulent, being a little dazzling, and possessing twinkly tendencies is...necessary, entirely natural, and something which betters the world for your brightness. Also, they’re meant to be worn with any and all things -- glitter knows no limits (as some of us know from adventures with craft glitter), but natural sparkle can’t be faked -- be genuine, be bright, be you.