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Touchstones - Heart Infusion Talisman


A member of our metaphysical quartet of Touchstones, our Heart Infusion Rose Quartz Talisman is a favorite and quite literally occupies a special place in our collective hearts. The Heart Infusion pendant lives up to its name, featuring a soft, glimmering natural rose quartz, embraced with warm brass wire and adorned with two layered brass hearts, one featuring a small shining Swarovski crystal. Lovely, gentle-hued rose quartz has long been credited with heart-healing properties, promoting unconditional love to the bearer and also radiating an aura of love wherever it finds itself. Associated with feminine energy, motherhood, divine compassion and boundless tenderness, rose quartz is directly tied to the heart chakra. Welcome healing, love, light, self-forgiveness, and abundant joy. Stone cut and color may vary. Rose Quartz, Brass, Sterling Silver & Swarovski Crystal 1”+ | THSN4MS-ROSE